An honest account of being a first time mum

Who’s the mummy?

I didn’t keep a diary when I was expecting baby2011. I was too busy trying not to throw up on the northern line, eating marmite on toast, crying at “homes under the hammer”, doing downward facing dogs and trying to put my shoes on without passing out. A magical time. I regret not recording my thoughts hugely.

I didn’t even note any reflections once baby2011 arrived into the world. I was still crying at “homes under the hammer”, wallowing in self pity after a frightful birth experience and was more concerned about not flashing a boob at visitors and/or the Tesco delivery man as I got the hang of feeding. Awkward.

But as baby2011 reaches 6 months (the breast feeding got a bit more discreet!) I’ve started to feel “normal” again.  I started thinking about how you feel as a new mum; overwhelmed with stress and love, never able to fully relax or switch off, how you worry about EVERYTHING and how you wouldn’t change it for the world.

This blog is going to be about being a mum, my experience anyway. It’s going to be a record of my baby growing up and how I handle (or don’t handle) things so I’ll never forget. Hopefully other mums will comment and chuckle at some of my experiences and I really hope some new mums find it in some way supportive.

And baby2011 when you find this blog when you’re older and much more tech savvy than your embarrassing mother, I love you, you’re my world and I’m so proud to be your mum. But, my sweet boy when you plan on sleeping a whole night if you could give me some kind of warning I’ll have a glass or 5 of Savignon Blanc!


Comments on: "Who’s the mummy?" (1)

  1. I wish I’d written more down. I still find the whole thing magical and terrifying – nearly 5 years on. Forget the sleeping through thing – you’ll never sleep soundly ever again. My mum still wakes up wondering if I’m okay.

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