An honest account of being a first time mum


So this blog promises to be an honest account of becoming a first time mum. So at the risk of sounding a bit rude…here is some real honesty. The last couple of weeks have been tough. Illness, non sleeping, teething, and cold, grey days and nights have taken their toll on my usual cheery, positive self. I’ve been a bit of a cow. A big, nasty cow actually. There have been some things that have happened where I’ve thought thats really not helpful. Maybe because I’m being a cow, or maybe because actually it’s time for some honesty.

Here are some dos and don’t for the nearest and dearest.

If you’re a mummy friend to a new mum never go on about your baby sleeping through the night and waking (dreadfully) at 6am.  Some babies never sleep the night, or past 5am. You’re very lucky!

Do not enter into the baby momma competitions. There are several. Whose birth was the most horrendous, who is the most tired, who is losing baby weight fastest, and who has the cleverest/cutest baby. *sick face*. Let’s keep it real and be sensitive! Birth is horrendous, we’re all a bit wobbly and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

If you’re a husband, boyfriend, partner, never go on about how tired you are. We know you work, but you also get to go to the toilet on your own and eat lunch and when you move from one place to another you do not have to manoeuvre baby, pushchairs, car seat, change bag, lunch box with nutritious snacks and do all this to a screaming/whinging baby soundtrack.
When it’s your turn to feed, put baby for nap, bath etc do not ask us to get up to get a dummy, to test the water, to heat the porridge, to show you where the wipes are. We might as well have done it ourselves. Have a go and see what happens.

If you’re a friend of new mum and have no kids yourself then understand that your friend feels like they’ve been hit by a truck. Twice.

Understand they haven’t slept properly for months. Your lie ins are enviable! Understand that your friend will be incapable of finishing a conversation, will have to clean up baby several times/rescue baby from grabbing hot coffee cup/drag baby out from underneath front room table etc during a gossip session and will always end up back on the topic of how exhausted they are. We are sorry honest, but that’s how it is just now and we promise one day we’ll be back in the zone.



Comments on: "Honesty" (3)

  1. Love it. Every word true.

  2. Thanks swissss! Whole blog full of typos but I think that adds to the authenticity of subject matter…

  3. Hope all is well, love the post!

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