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The airport

So after about a million hours of searching websites we settled on booking a holiday to Cape Verde. Not too much more expensive than Europe for a family, a real treat of a hotel, an exciting new place to discover plus only a 6 hour flight and 2 hour time difference. Sorted! Oh and a swim up bar. This is of course a compulsory requirement.

It took me about 15 minutes to shake the creases out of my primark, h&m and Thai streetmarket sundresses and chuck them in a case. It took me about 5 days to pack for baby2011.

Apart from nappies, calpol, sunhat and dummies I shouldn’t have bothered. My gorgeous beach baby2011 spent the week in a swimming nappy or vest!

So we’re packed, the morning arrives. We head off to the airport. Now baby2011 has only ever managed a couple of all night sleeps. Turns out the morning we have to get up at 4am for the flight, he doesn’t even stir Grrrrr!!!

Anyway, we get to car park. We can’t find the right zone to park in. We find it. We park. It’s pissing down and we’re late. We unload car of 3 suitcases and 3 hand luggage bags, and pop baby2011 in buggy. We get to bus stop and wait…and wait. Bus comes. “You’ll have to fold that love!” I shoot the driver a look and wheelie baby2011 onto the bus. Dad2011 is stacking our considerable luggage on racks on bus. The driver is right, I do have to fold buggy as the next stop 9 million fat people want to get on. I am now trying to give baby2011 his morning bottle. He is wearing really embaressing pyjamas which I thought we’d be able up change before flight-this is looking unlikely!

We arrive at terminal. Buggy out, baby in and we grab the 6 bags and leg it inside the terminal. Departures first floor, use lift. There are quite a few of us waiting for lifts. The lifts are on a coffee break. They take an eternity to arrive and then it’s elbows out, head down to actually get in one.

I’m too knackered, stressed, fucked off with it all to even oblige a “aww, bless, how old is he? What a good boy? Does he sleep!” Yes he’s gorgeous, no he’s a nightmare often and no he doesn’t bloody sleep so get out my way before I run you over with my heavy, right listing trolley I had to pay a quid for!

We make it to check in. We check in about 45mins later. Thank god we get fast tracked at security because we have a baby. I taste the milk, I drink the beaker water and the security officer is satisfied. We leg it to departure lounge

Baby2011 is running around departures in his really embaressing pyjamas. People smile but I see through it.

We’re THAT family.

I hope we’re not sitting near them!