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You know you’re a parent when

You know your a parent when…

Baby2011 has been amazing entertainment the last few days. More so than ever as he’s started saying a few words. I’ve always known what he was trying to say and ask for (he’s actually very bossy without saying a word-a skill he must have learnt from his mother!) but now he’s actually saying proper words.

Ok, so he sounds Liverpudlian and Jamaican at times, but I can let that slide for his amazing range of vocabulary (!)

Words so far include; kick, balloon, car and bus…so all those hours spent saying “say cat, say dog, say mummy, say toast” have really paid off!

Anyway, I digress. Of course immensely proud of my tiny newborn (17 month old-what!?) being able to talk, but as I was filling out his first words in his baby’s first book I started reading through lots of his firsts.

This made me think of all the firsts you go through as a parent. And I’ve cobbled together a list of just a few things that you’d never do or would never happen if you didn’t have a little one. You know you’re a parent when…

Getting up at 7am is a lie in

You get poo on your finger and you shrug like its no big deal

Bogey picking becomes an obsessive game that you have to win

You entertain your little one by singing happy and you know it whilst you’re on the loo (with the door open)

You know all the words to the cbeebies bedtime song, and the theme tunes to Show Me Show Me and Small Potatoes

You start a count down to the end of your day from 4pm as this is when you get to do baby’s tea, bath and bed

You don’t leave the house without little pots of cut up fruit, bread sticks , bright orange organic carrot flavoured corn puffs and raisins

Your washing machine is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and your laundry basket is still over flowing

You cannot put a definitive number on the amount of fish fingers you have finished off plates

Bottoms up mummies and daddies!