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The Grinch

Baby2011 is scrabbling around the floor at a rate of knots now. He’s eaten a handful of cat food, chewed the tinsel on the bottom of the Christmas tree and is completely traumatising our poor cat. It’s impossible to beat him once he sets his sites on something.  It’s like racing Usain Bolt to KFC.

Me and dad2011 baby proofed the house. Then promptly realised that nothing is baby proof. Or should that be baby2011 proof!? 

For his first Christmas baby2011 was thoroughly spoiled. The martian playhouse, ride on train and fire engine being particular favourites. Our house is filled with plastic, and we’re having to put the boxes and wrapping paper out for the bin men in stages so the council don’t do us for industrial scale waste. We were overwhelmed and grateful for all his presents, he’s a very lucky boy.

I’ve just put all 3 martians and their dog to bed in the sleep pod, built a rainbow tower with some mega bloks and i’ve matched up letters and word bricks to the rewards of positive beeps and songs. Baby2011 went to bed 50 minutes ago… 

Me and dad2011 having anticipated this spoiling, (oh sh*t, I mean father Christmas!!!) gave him some classic books and a cuddly toy. But when he’s older we’ll tell him all the presents in the millions of photos we took were all from us and Santa. 

We got some cracking pics. Naturally he was dressed up as father Christmas, fed his first taste of chocolate (although I’m sure dad2011 has given him some before!) and truly did get more pleasure from the paper and boxes than the hi tech, well designed toys they concealed.

I’m just about recovering. It was knackering, overwhelming, more sober than usual (although family may disagree on that one!), but it really was magic. 

I used to hate Christmas, i mean i was a real Grinch. I never drank mulled wine, never wanted any presents, I changed the radio station as soon as i heard that familiar intro “its christmaaaaaaas!” and don’t even get me started on bloody Christmas cards! But now I know for years to come I’ll get caught up in creating the magic for baby2011. His happiness will be my Christmas gift.  

Wowzer, I’ll be cheerily celebrating new years eve next (well, maybe one day!).