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Hats with ears

So baby 2011 can sit up. He looks like a giant baby. He can roll too. Of course I think he’s terribly clever and he’s already down for Emmanuel college Cambridge. But naturally I play down his developments to other mums so as not to worry them or gloat and so they like me, but of course I’m incredibly proud.

It’s been just under 7 months since baby2011 arrived into world. It should have been 10 days earlier than this, but being a boy he was rather happy with his feet up in my tummy. And he’s changed so much. The weeks and months have flown by.

Everyday he does something new; reaching for toys, smiling, laughing, making new noises, rolling, eating and recently even the ability to be cheeky.

The most heartbreaking thing for me though has been washing and putting away his first baby clothes. Tiny neutral coloured sleep suits and hats, always with a matching hat with ears.  Neutral as we didn’t know if we were having a blue or pink.  Seems like a lifetime ago me and dad2011 were bickering over names and nursery paint colours not knowing our little fellow.

Originally these first clothes hung long over his tiny hands and his feet didn’t nearly fill the foot parts.  Now they look like dolls clothes. And looking at them just reminds me how much he’s grown. He’s over doubled in weight since he was born. Babies are amazing.

His toys also are being outgrown fast. The Bumbo chair to help him sit up he escapes from and the bouncy chair is boring now he can sit up. I guess we’ll be in the market for walkers and trikes very soon. Madness, he’s been here for less than 7 months.

I need to stop holding on to the idea that my boy is a tiny new born and begin embracing his growing up (sniff sniff). There’s so much exciting stuff ahead. He amazes me everyday. And the thought of not being able to hold him as a teeny, helpless bundle ever again…well that can be addressed.  He’d be an amazing big brother.